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Child Custody and Visitation

If you are separating or divorcing your spouse, you need to consider the type of parenting plan (timesharing) that will be best for your children. Unlike the past, it is now possible for both parents to have a substantial timeshare with their children so that each may be involved in making appropriate decisions for their children and fully participate in raising them. However, it is important for parents to understand that initial custody orders can have a lasting impact on what the court may decide in the future if a parent wants to change the existing timeshare order. Parents should also understand that their child custody timeshare impacts what they pay or receive in child support.

Move-Away Cases

Sometimes after a divorce, the parent with physical custody wants to move out of the area with the children. While parents are free to move where they want, the moving parent must get the other parent to agree that the children can move or obtain a court order permitting the children to move because moving may adversely effect the other parent's visitation

If you are dealing with a move-away case, the lawyers a Timko & LaSorsa can help you negotiate an agreement with your spouse that still allows each parent to participate in the children's upbringing. If necessary, we can help you through the court process to get the orders that you need to permit the move or maintain your relationship with your children if the custodial parent is planning on moving.

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